Worcester Chapter of the American Guild of Organists
Central Massachusetts Pipe Organ Specification Collection

Gilbertville Trinitarian Congregational Church (Hardwick)
Gilbertville (Massachusetts), USA

Johnson & Son, 1874

     Mechanical Action     II/13
Great (58 notes) Open Diapason 8 (58 pipes) Melodia 8 (46 pipes) Dulciana        8 (46 pipes)
Unison Bass                 8   (12 pipes) Octave 4   (58 pipes)     Flute d'Amour               4   (46 pipes) Twelfth                       2 2/3   (58 pipes)     Fifteenth                     2   (58 pipes) Swell (58 notes; Enclosed, mechanical balanced shoe on right) Open Diapason   8 (46 pipes) Dolce   8 (46 pipes) St. Dia. Treble        8 (46 pipes) St. Dia. Bass                8 (12 pipes)
Fugara     4   (58 pipes)     Oboe                           8   (46 pipes)
Tremolo (beater) Pedal (27 notes, compass to d) Bourdon    16   (27 pipes) Couplers Sw. to Gr. Gr. to Ped. Sw. to Ped. Foot Levers (Unlabeled; l - r)   Great Piano - 8' Dulciana, 8' Unison Bass Great Forte - 8, 8, 8, 8, 4, 4, 2-2/3, 2 Accessories
    Bellows Signal

The instrument represents a departure in the designs of its builders, the firm of William A. Johnson & Son of Westfield.  Established in 1847, it had built a solid reputation from commissions far and near. The rising position of the younger Johnson from 1871 brought changes in tonal concept, without compromise to the reliability of the instruments or the reputation of the company. Ours is one of the earliest of these "new" Johnsons, built in 1874 and installed in the brand new Gilbertville Church as the gift of the family of George H. Gilbert.  It is likely that the people of this community felt themselves closer to the new spirit of hard work and national progress in the land as a result of this very visible and audible symbol in their midst.

The new building of the Trinitarian Congregational Church and Society of Gilbertville was dedicated on September 10, 1874. The construction was funded by a bequest of $20,000 from the estate of George H. Gilbert and an equal sum from his manufacturing company. A further gift from the Gilbert family provided the Johnson & Son pipe organ, dedicated at the same time. The building was designed by Worcester architect, Eldridge Boyden, who designed also Mechanics Hall.


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