Meetinghouse UU Church
Provincetown, Massachusetts

Organ Specification
Edwin Holbrook, 1850

restored & renovated by
Stephen J. Russell & Co., 2001

Great Music Concert Series

2 manual & pedal
Wind pressure: 2 3/4"
Pitch: A=440 at 72 degrees
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Great 56 note compass

Diapason 8' big and bright
Melodia 8 and stopped flute bass. A little louder and cleaner than before, otherwise very sweet for a Melodia
Dulciana 8 tf, soft and typical, use with flute bass
Viola 8 tf, medium strength string - gemshorn tone, use with flute bass
Flute 4, small-scale Rohrflute, very nice
Principal 4' normal scale and average volume. Somewhat bright tone.
Twelfth 2 2/3' typical, a bit brighter than before.
Fifteenth 2' typical. perky
Tierce 1 3/5 new addition, bright, matches twelfth for english chamber organ sesquialtera tone.

Swell 56 note compass (labelled "Choir" for couplers and stop names) (top manual)

Diapason 8' tc, big and bright (same scale as Great) but more distant due to placement; use with flute bass
Rohrflute 8 and flute bass (1-12). A nice rohrflute for the period.
Dulciana 8, a fairly big string, (for the period) a nice balance to the Great Viola
Principal 4, somewhat narrow scale, bright. Works well with either Gt 8'
Twelfth 2 2/3, Very narrow in the bass but normal in the treble. Somewhat bright, stringy voicing.
Fifteenth, same description as Twelfth
Oboe 8', The only reed in the organ. Much better than before. Re-worked by Dave Broome
Tremulant - historic construction after Dom Bedos (a Holbrook original!) Speed and depth varies with demand.

Pedal 27 note compass (originally 18) Position Middle C manual over Tenor C pedal (typical older tracker). Flat, not radiating, Pedal keyboard

Open Wood 16 A wind hog. Don't hold double pedal with full organ and fistfuls of notes for a long time or it might run out of wind.
Subbass 16 added Steere pipes medium volume
Bourdon 8 extension of Subbass by transmission of wind. Low cut and slightly articulate.

Balanced Swell pedal in normal location, over E-F in pedal tenor octave.
Pedal keyboard placed in a position typical of AGO 2 manual consoles. Fairly comfortable to play. No sense of falling off the bench.
Pitch is a t A=440 at 72 degrees.

Ted Gilbert performed most of the re-voicing & regulation. The organ retains a typical early American tonal quality, though somewhat brighter than the later 19th century work we are accustomed to hearing. The key action is very comfortable for an old tracker without couplers. With Swell to Great engaged, it does take a bit of work to play. The action is the same as the original Holbrook.

Key aspects of the historically sensitive renovation in 2001:

Jamb layout:

Flute 4'
Principal 4'
Principal 4'
Rohrflute 8'
St Diap Bass
Open Diap 8'
Melodia Treble
"Choir" Bass
Op Diap
Bourdon 8'(ped)
SubBass 16' (ped)
Open Wood 16' (ped)

Photos this page by Will Sherwood