Worcester Chapter of the American Guild of Organists
founded 1949

Every great city should have a few great pipe organs...

WORCESTER has 25 (at least!)

Other Massachusetts instruments (see below)

Mechanics Hall E & GG Hook 334 1864 IV/65 M restored by Noack 1981
All Saints Episcopal  Æolian Skinner 909 1933 IV/132 EP add'l work: 1940/51/63/67/83
All Saints Choir room  Æolian Skinner 897 1932 II/2 EP unit
First Baptist (sanctuary) Reuter-Gilbert-Russell   1962 IV/80 EP  
First Baptist Chapel J W Walker   1986  II/13 M   (in transition 2023)
Trinity Lutheran Noack 40 1969 III/62 M  
Trinity Lutheran Chapel Noack 41 1967 I/3 M  
First Unitarian          Æolian-Skinner 1433 1963 IV/74 EP restored 2002-3 by Russell & Co
United Congregational  Berkshire 144 1988 III/54 EP   (sanctuary not used weekly)
Holy Cross College
St Joseph's Chapel
Taylor-Boody   1985 IV/70 M  
Wesley Methodist 
  Church's Web Page
E. M. Skinner/
Æolian Skinner/
Berkshire/ Czelusniak
IV/73 EP  
Cathedral of St. Paul

Johnson, Casavant





Our Lady of the Angels J W Walker   1984 III/56 M  
St Joseph R C Casavant 1239 1928 III/31 EP  
Assumption College Russell 18 1995 III/65 EM  
Pakachoag Church (in Auburn) Dobson 69 1997 II/28 M  
Worcester Art Museum Æolian Skinner 1036 1942 III/32 EP   Not currently used

Other fine instruments in the Worcester Area

Worcester Auditorium  (AUD)   Kimball Op7119 (1933) IV/122 EP (building closed, last public concert in 2016)
St Peters R C                        Casavant Op 2938 (1967) III/53 EP
Pilgrim Congregational           Hutchings/Hall/Baker Op 70 (1873) III/34 EP
Worcester Polytechnical Institute (WPI)    Aeolian Skinner Op 1034 (1941-2) III/35 EP (unplayable)
Blessed Sacrament                 E.M. Skinner Op. 736 (1928) III/28 EP
Christ the King R C                Casavant (1974) II/24 EP
First Congregational               Austin Op. 2341(1960) II/24 EP
Emanuel Lutheran                  Cooper (1988) II/30 M
Emmanuel Baptist                  Austin Op 24 (1898) II/16 EP
Our Lady of Mount Carmel   American Classic Organ Co. (Wicks originally)
St John's Episcopal               Casavant (1968) II/16 EP
St John's R C                        Hook & Hastings Op 1660 1895 2m M
Sacred Heart R C                 Johnson & Son Op 731 (1890) rebuilt Earle Reed 1956 EP (now DE)
St George's Cathedral (Anna St)    Andover 2m M
Adams Square Baptist (Lincoln St)     George Reed (1901) 2m M (last original tracker in Worcester)
Salem Covenant (East Mountain St)     Reuter (1970) II EP
St Stephen's R C                   George Reed III EP (formerly II M)
St Bernard's R C                   Skinner Op. 781 (1929) III/30 EP (unaltered)
First Presbyterian                   Gilbert and Butler (1895) II M
Pleasant Street Baptist          Ryder Op. 163 (1891) II/20 EP
Hadwen Park Congregational    Estey Op. 3087 (1938) II/7 EP
Rural Cemetery Chapel,        Worcester (Grove St.) Frazee (1950?) II/4 (DE?)
St John Ev Lutheran Church, Sudbury JW Walker (1989) II/27 M
Holy Name of Jesus RC         Worcester Moller Op.2157 (1917+1961+2001) III/24 (EP)
Gilbertville Congregational     Johnson & Son, 1847, II/13 M

Surrounding Areas in Massachusetts

Sudbury Methodist (SUMC) Stuart 1976 II/20
Millbury: First Congregational
Boston: Mother Church Aeolian Skinner History
Provincetown: Meetinghouse UU Church Holbrook II/18 (Russell)
Gardner: Holy Rosary Estey II/22
Thompson Connecticut, 1893 Johnson & Son, Opus 409

Princeton, Mass, First Congregational, Cole 1904
Wentworth (NH) Congregational Church H&H II/7 (1878)

Residential Instruments in Central Massachusetts

Sterling MA - 1988 JW Walker M II/20 + DE 10
Sterling MA - 1870 S S Hamill M I/7
Lancaster MA - 1992 JW Walker M II/3
Shrewsbury MA 2015 Bigelow M II/7
Worcester MA

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